Refund & Return Policy

Refund & Return Policy: Placing order at confirms that you have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions, Shipment Policy, and Refund & Return Policy and you don’t have any doubt in these policies while placing the order.

  1. Refund & Return are not available on products that are damaged by the customer or are used in a way that we can’t sell any more like used screen guards, stickers, dirty earphones, etc.


  1. Refunds are processed only for requests received within 7 days of receipt of order over email with complete details- Billing & Shipping Address, Customer Name, Order Number, Product Details.


  1. Return & Refunds are processed on products that were received in damaged condition by you or we have sent wrong shipment.


  1. To process your request, get a picture clicked or video recorded and send us the same within 7 days of receipt of the order. Our team will look into the matter, analyse it and decide the further course of action. We’ll keep you updated over email. Requests received on the 8th day will be not be processed further.
  2. You can send the damaged or incorrect shipment details at and we’ll upon inspection of the situation going to help you with the next steps for return and refund.


  1. Shipping charges to be paid by you to courier the product to our warehouse. We’ll adjust the same during the refund process as per our policies.


  1. A refund of the order value will be made to you once we receive the product into our warehouse in the same condition as shown by you in the picture/video shared at the time of claim.
  2. policies are subject to change.